The wise coolness factors

by bluewelcker

The Wise population is becoming one of the most important generations in the world. They will soon be the biggest demographic with the most money, and dare I say, the most political power. At the same time they suffer from tremendous ageism and are not appreciated for what they have contributed and will contribute for many years to come. Part of this is self-inflicted. We have permitted other generations to define who we are and how we think about of ourselves. It’s time to understand who we are, the power we have, and the influence we exert. We need to stop playing into the stereotypes. We need to stop playing the role of the older person – screw that. It’s time to reconnect with our coolness and bring that inner child out to play. We need to value our greatness. I would even suggest that we throw out all the old stuff and recreate our stuff – our clothes, our thinking and our state of being. We are such a cool, wise and extraordinary generation. We should act it out and play it fully. -BW

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