Making our lives individual blue zones

by bluewelcker

The Blue Zone are considered the towns and cities where people live the longest on the planet. They have been the subject of many studies to figure out what are they doing differently lifestyle wise that extends their life with significant quality of life. These spots Ikaria Greece, Loma Linda California, Okinawa Japan, Nicoya Costa Rica and Sardinia Italy.

Why not make our bodies, minds and souls’ personal blue zones? Create a blue zone disciplined life wherever you are by incorporating all the elements of a culture of longevity, like calorie restriction a la Okinawa (one the places where people live the longest). Centenarians are a fast-growing demographic according to Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zone. That is inspiring because the trend is toward centenarians(people 100 years and more) living with a good quality of life. This is a powerful thing to look forward to. Another element is to have a strong purpose in life. It is a determining factor in longevity, health and happiness. I have read that there is a higher risk of death after people retire due to a loss of purpose and meaning. Having a purpose is one of the most powerful life-enhancing forces. People with a strong purpose are invincible. We must add daily physical activity, sun exposure (vitamin D), a clean diet, laughter, great sex, and living in the moment with strong family and community connections. It doesn’t sound that hard.

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