Retrain the planet

by bluewelcker

The common perception many hold about the wise is that they are out of tune with technology. This stereotype has to lead the young to be labeled the sole creators and entrepreneurs. Yet, this is not the reality.  The majority of the companies are created and managed by older women and men and will continue to be the case as the global population becomes wiser. We must retrain people that are of the age fifty-five and over to become active participants in this technological revolution we are about to enter. We cannot afford to have that many valuable people on the sidelines for such an important event. By the way, data shows the wise are savvier technologically and more digitally connect then what we all think. For example, we are becoming the fastest-growing gaming playing segment. Let’s retrain the wise so that they continue to be both active participants and leaders in society so that we can drive and inspire the rest of the world with the experience and deep wisdom.

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