The opportunity for self re-creation

by bluewelcker

The opportunity for self-re-creation
At a certain age you simply stop giving a fuck about the ways of being that are anchors in your life. This is a great opportunity to re-create yourself and play a different role in life. Aren’t you tired of doing and being the same thing? I am sick and tired of repeating the same behaviors, beliefs and assumptions. It’s time to change roles and perceptions. It’s time to change the angle of the camera. This is an opportunity to look at the experience of living from a different point of view, as a different version of ourselves. To access a free, fun, childlike and adventurous you who is willing to give it all because you don’t have much to lose. I love this proposition. It is the only way to free ourselves from the past and start acting in our new movie about the life we’ve always wanted. This time we get to pick the role, the script and the storyline. How about even changing our names? I propose changing the name for people 55 years and older from baby boomers, the elderly, senior citizens, etc. to the Wise people of the world. -BW

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