The man behind the revolution

Meet Radames

Radames Soto is the President and founder of Kinina Ventures a firm specializing in the creation and acquisition of companies in the Media and information sectors. He is a former Managing Director of The Wall Street Journal.

Throughout his life Radames has been very interested in the cultural, physical and spiritual dilemma of aging and the concepts of longevity based on traditional and old thinking. It is time to rethink the cultural beliefs and the way we relate to the process of growing older and maturing in the path of living, as well as the limitations in terms of how long we live and the quality of those years. The globe has been growing more mature and wiser. People of 50 plus are slowly becoming the dominant force on the planet in terms of power, economic abundance and population growth.  As this process is developing, most cultures are youth centric and discard these antiquated belief systems. it is time to start creating a planet in which all ages can live in full honor and respect, so we can experience the best life can offer.

Part of the change that needs to take place is the creation of new stories and the change in perspective and language towards this generation, Therefore opening up to limitless possibilities in a new paradigm of living after 50 years. The time has come to debunk the old and obsolete status quo of aging by making sure the young and the wise change their perspectives and eventually come together to create a more nurturing and inclusive path, that we will all, at one point if lucky, take hopefully for many years. The mission of Blue Welcker is to create those changes via our media, information, entertainment expertise and experience.

Mr. Soto is widely regarded as one of the most experienced and multi-faceted figures in the new media world

Among his projects are: the film “Road Dogz“, the national syndicated series “Hispanic Americans: The New Frontier” hosted by Jimmy Smits, “Video Active” a nationally syndicated for teenagers and “America Latina Finanzas y Negocios” a weekly business show syndicated throughout Latin America sponsored by Merrill Lynch.

Mr. Soto has an extensive track record in the creation of content both for the Internet as well as film and television. He developed a TV/Internet series with HBO “Techn03“.

Mr. Soto owned and operated a successful and well-respected entertainment and media company for five years: Blue Pearl Entertainment. He is also the founder of TDI (a broadcasting & Internet investment firm) and Zotox Investments, a new media merchant house.

As a journalist Mr. Soto is the recipient of an Emmy, the ACE Award, and The New York State Broadcaster Award. He is also a three-time nominee for the ACE Award in investigative reporting.

Mr. Soto has been keynote speaker at the following conferences: