The fifteen trillion dollar Buying power is equal=big changes for the growing older-The Wise

by bluewelcker

In a recent article in the Financial Times of London, they predict that the buying power of the demographic segment of people that are fifty-five years and older, that is all the way to the end of life will be 15 trillion dollars by the year 2030. This immense consumer power as well as raw powermust be used to make sure that people, as they get older, are no marginalized. More Importantly that the Wise generation is not seen as disposable and irrelevant by the rest of society. It could also influence many corporations to create better products and services for us as well as to force a significant culture shift into how we are view, treated, served, and portrait. This buying power if use in a smart way could be a reversal of fortune for humanity in which people will less afraid of growing older and not live in fear of being mistreated, disregarded, and ignored. Buy from those companies that show interest and compassion towards the Wise generations.

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