The Cool Factor

by bluewelcker

It is time to make “Wise” a state of cool existence. It is time that we think differently about who we are and the vital role we play on this planet. With that comes, giving ourselves permission to be more playful and enter a paradigm of being cool, alive, and fun. Instead of acting serious, stiff and old. It is time to reconnect with inner child. Leave it to your inner coolness to take over or otherwise you’re living the societal script of being held back and not living up to our true path and potential. Start by checking out those that inspire you, those that are wise in a sharp way like Richard Branson, Mick Jagger, etc. Also, listen to music that really inspires you and moves your soul. Buy clothes that really transports you to your inner cool. We are entering into a new paradigm of living wisely, enjoy it.

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